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Vending Technology
Historical Perspective

First at little background...
In the 1920 through 1960 era the U.S. converted from agriculture to a manufacturing base. Mass production meant many employees were housed under the same roof many times for three shifts each day, sometimes 7 days a week. Because there were no “fast food” stores there was an acute need to feed all of these people efficiently. Most of the large employers had company cafeterias that not only catered to employees but were open to outside persons as well. Many had low prices and specialties that attracted customers from all over town.

In the 1970’s three factors changed this dramatically. Labor costs went up, fast foods and convenience stores began to emerge, and companies started to downsize. Cafeterias with plate lunches closed and the vending industry filled the vacuum with convenient “grocery stores” or merchandisers, automated to take money and dispense drinks and snacks. Over the years the basic concept of vending is unchanged, but the delivery and merchandising techniques have undergone a transformation.

Technological Advancements

Frozen Food Vending Machine

Frozen Food...
Vending food used to be laughable, but today’s quality and selections have been vastly improved. Frozen food is the latest innovation. Keeping sandwiches, entrees, and dietary pre-prepared dinners at -15° F eliminates spoilage and throw-aways. It also enables the modern operator to sell ice cream, healthy juice bars, and other treats.

Credit Card Acceptor

Credit card acceptance...
A recent study done by USA technologies shows that credit card acceptance increases daily volume as much as 31%. Another fascinating finding is that when higher quality products are utilized and priced above $1.00 business actually increases, unlike a traditional coin and validator machine which will actually lose business at the $1.00 price point. Today’s younger purchasers are using plastic. This validator takes $1.00 and $5.00 bills as well. Integrated cell phone technology enables this to be wireless.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express


Coupons are inserted into the validator and allow free vends. A generic pre-printed coupon can be purchased inexpensively and re-used again and again. Coupons can also be custom printed for a one time set up fee. Locations can use these for customer promotions in a hotel or car dealership, incentives for employees for on time, performance, or safety goals.

Wireless Network Monitoring

Wireless Monitoring
Cell phone technology allows machines to be monitored continuously on the Internet. Sales and monetary data is available from your home computer or cell phone. The operator only fills the machine when necessary and knows ahead what products to bring.

Environmental and Green Technology

Environmental and Green Technology
LED lighting is available and passive infrared sensors allow the machines to go to a low power setting when no one is in the vicinity. Some refrigerated machines automatically use lower power settings overnight.

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