Vending Systems Incorporated - vending services Louisville: your local source in the Kentuckiana area for vending since 1989.

We sell, lease, and repair new and used vending machines and card readers. We help people start a vending business and find locations. And we now offer intelligent dispensing options such as mini markets.

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Vending Systems sells, leases, and repairs new and used vending machines and card readers!

We offer the latest in vending advances such as intelligent dispensing and mini markets (non-assisted convenience stores).

Intelligent Dispensing
Vending: It is not just about food!

  • Industry: Safety equipment such as gloves and goggles for your workers
  • Hospitals: Medicine disbursement
  • Fire Departments: Wound supplies such as gauze and bandages

We custom build vending solutions for whatever product you need dispensed!

Mini Markets
(Non-assisted Convenience Stores)

The newest wave in vending services is the mini market, or a non-assisted convenience store. The kiosk allows the customer to pay for his drink, snack or fresh food with a credit card or mobile payments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal.

Vending Systems can set up a Mini Market for you. Vending services provide a Wide variety of options, including healthy fresh food!

Mini Markets allow for a wide variety of options, including healthy fresh food!

1. Healthy Options
2. Fresh Foods
3. Local Offerings
4. A Wide Range of Choices
5. Sales Tracking

Vending Systems brings mini markets, or non-attended convenience markets and vending services to Louisville, KY

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The Atlantic Coast Exposition (ACE) is a part of the The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). The show provides first looks at new and innovative products and equipment available in the vending, food service and office coffee service industries.