Mini Markets

Mini Markets and How They Work

Mini Markets and how they work

Give your employees the choice to select healthy options or traditional snacks they crave and the boost they need to stay focused!!

Mini markets give you delicious food and drink options right on site – giving you the energy you need to have a happy, healthy, productive day at work.

1. Healthy Options –  Workplace breakrooms are no longer just about impulse snacks or drinks. You and your employees need access to healthier options at your workplace. Mini markets give you healthy breakroom snacks like yogurt, sandwiches, and drinks that will give them the boost they need to stay focused.

2. Fresh Foods –  Mini markets help folks enjoy the fresh foods and breakroom snacks they crave. Industrial quality fridges can stock crisp salads, delicious sandwiches, fresh fruit, and more. Now, employees can have a high-quality lunch without leaving the office.

3. Local Offerings – We can partner with your favorite local spots to give your workplace Mini Market a truly unique product mix. Whether it’s the taco place next door or the pizza place down the street, we can bring local restaurant options straight to your workplace.

4. A Wide Range of Choices – Mini markets can hold hundreds of different breakroom snacks, drinks, and food products. Plus, we’ll constantly introduce new choices for you and your employees to try. Our wide variety of high-quality products will make sure you always have an appealing option.

5. Sales Tracking - Favorite selections are electronically tracked so that they will always be available in your market.

Some Healthy Options

(You can also add local options)

How does it work?

Super-easy Checkout System

Payment Kiosk: Mini markets and how they workThe Mini Market technology is powered by an easy-to-use Kiosk. With a straightforward touchscreen experience, employees can checkout and enjoy their product in seconds.

Say goodbye to a machine eating money. With mini markets, employees can reliably pay however they’d like: cash, card, or mobile payments (Apple Pay and Google Pay). They can instantly login to their personal virtual wallet via fingerprint login.

The kiosk makes it easier than ever for folks to scan, pay, and enjoy.

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