Intelligent Dispensing: Custom Vending Solutions

Custom Vending Machines/Solutions

We can create a vending solution for your product or supplies!

If you have a product that could benefit from a vending solution, contact us. We can custom-build a vending machine solution for you!

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What are Custom Vending Solutions?

Intelligent vending machines, also referred to as smart or digital vending machines, reduce management costs and create more business opportunities for operators.

Business are learning that vending machines can:

  1.  Bring their products to the consumer rather than relying on customers to come to them.
  2.  Provide an efficient way to supply employees with equipment needed and track supplies, so they know  exactly who is taking the supplies, and can limit how many workers can take
  3.  Employees can access supplies 24/7 without waiting for someone to give them a necessary item
  4.  Provide a secure location for items and easy tracking and inventory information.
  5. Help hospitals dispense and sort their scrubs, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  6. Help fire departments track and dispense emergency supplies.
  7. Improved inventory management helps ocompanies save money and better serve their workers and customers.

Some locations and organizations where use of Intelligent Vending solutions have expanded:

  • airports
  • schools and universities
  • hospitals
  • fire stations
  • ambulances
  • fitness centers

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