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Vending Systems, Inc.'s Story. Vending Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1989 by Mike Overstreet, a long time vending operator. Mike had highly successful routes in Louisville and Lexington Kentucky. At that time vending was dominated by a few large companies who discouraged any competition so there were few resources for a young entrepreneur getting into the business. He had to learn everything first hand and in some cases the hard way! However, his resiliency and integrity along with ‘customer's first’ mentality earned him respect and trust in the local community.

In 1993, Mike was involved in an unfortunate automobile accident requiring back surgery. During that time, Mike sold the Louisville and Lexington routes for a profit and went exclusively into sales and installation of vending equipment. Because of his experience as an operator he had a unique perspective on quality equipment and efficiently operating a successful vending business. He also understood the importance of customer service and learned how to cultivate winning relationships on both sides of the coin.

In 1996 he became a distributor for Federal Machine, incorporating their marketing techniques with his own which lead to a stronger approach to finding locations and providing more opportunities for new operators, both full and part time, to get into a very solid business.

Over the years Mike has grown Vending Systems Incorporated to be a strong player in the provision of vending services for Kentucky and Southern Indiana as well as offering factory trained services to owner/operators and entities in Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Owensboro, Kentucky, and New Albany, Scottsburg, and Evansville Indiana and others.

Vending Systems Inc. continues to find locations, provide equipment, training, financing, and ongoing support to enable any individual to compete on a professional level with any of the large companies in the multi-billion dollar vending industry. The company is poised and ready to provide strong customer service, based on experience and national backing, to its owner/operators and relationships with regional business entities.

Our Story: Mike Overstreet, owner of Vending Systems, Inc

Mike Overstreet

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