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Buy or Lease Vending Machines and Vending Solutions from
Vending Systems, Inc.

We are happy to discuss options and explain how buying or leasing vending machines and vending solutions can work for your organization.

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Full Maintenance Leases

  • No down payment
  • "State of the art" equipment direct from the factory, starting at $50/month
  • Installed in your location (we deliver!)
  • Repairs by factory-trained mechanics included in lease
  • You control the prices for your employees
  • You keep the profits


  • 36 month lease, payments same each month
  • Factory warranty extended through lease term
  • You stock the items you choose, and keep all profits
  • At end of lease term we pick up equipment. You can re-lease same equipment for another term for 50% discount
  • We maintain ownership of the equipment and pay all property taxes
  • We train your personnel regarding the filling and routine maintenance of the equipment.

Vending Systems, Inc. delivers machines to their clients

We delivery equipment to you!

Can/Bottle, Snack, Small Locations

  • 23 selection snack machine
  • 6 selection can/bottle machine
  • Lease for as little as $125/mo
    • Next 36 months 50% off

Can/Bottle and Snack

  • 32 select snack
  • 10 select can/bottle
  • Lease for as little as $145/mo
    • Add. 36 months 50% off

Food Machines

  • Free-standing frozen food
  • Operates as a frozen/ice cream or cold food
  • Lease for as little as $150/mo

Food and Snack

  • Frozen food/ice cream with 40 selection snack
  • Snack serves as host machine
  • Lease for as little as $175/mo
    • Add. 36 months 50% off

Other Info

  • All machines have $1 and $5 bill validators
  • Credit card readers available

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