About Vending Systems, Inc.

Services at Vending Systems, Inc.

The Services offered at Vending Systems, Inc. include:

  1. We lease and sell vending machines and vending systems
  2. We service vending machines and card readers
  3. We custom build vending machines to dispense your specific product
  4. We stock product and deliver to our customers
  5. We assist individuals interested in becoming an owner/vendor by training and helping them find clients.

Full Service Vending

We Offer Full Service Vending to over 1,000 locations in Kentucky and Southern Indiana and have done since 1989.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Service: we service our products and we are local
  • Services offered at Vending Systems, Inc, a local and a full service vending company, include leasing, selling and servicing vending machines, systems and card readers.Equipment: State-or-the-art and ADA compliant
  • Location: Proximity to UPS hub allows us to expedite parts and other orders, offering next day service on many orders
  • We are owner operators
  • No contract obligations: we provide service
  • Food Choices: offer quality and wide variety
  • Frozen Food Choices: Provide options for vending frozen products, including ice cream
  • Best Prices
  • Customers: Every local fortune 500 company is a customer

We can show you how to run a profitable vending business. Call us at (502) 314-5490 or click the Contact Us button above.