There are a multitude of reasons for a person to go into the vending business. Some are displaced due to the economy. Some have job opportunities offered elsewhere but want to stay in their hometown. Some are tired of being at the mercy of a large corporation or an incompetent boss. Whatever your reason for contemplating a change, the key to success is careful planning, research and your dedication.

Vending is not for everyone, it is hard work. For most start up vending companies the owner should plan to be an operator (filling machines) for at least 3 years or until the initial financing is paid off. The good news is that we can help you with your research, training, financing, and finding locations. We have 35 successful routes operating in the Kentuckiana area and we are adding routes frequently. We have been nationally recognized as a company for over 85 years for a reason.

Vending is one of the few businesses left in the country where a hard working person without large capital financial resources can get financing and still achieve the “American Dream” of building a future for themselves and their families. Keep in mind:

  1. People eat regularly. Simple but crucial. Unlike some businesses that are driven by inconsistent demand, customers must eat to survive. In today’s fast paced environment people are forced to eat on the go and strive for convenience and affordability.
  2. There is no accounts receivable in the vending business. Customers pay for the product as soon as purchased. Inventory turns quickly and the volume adds up to nice profits.
  3. Supplies are readily available for distributors. We have a local catering company who will custom make FRESH FOOD items to order. We can help you make the supplier connections.
  4. We help you compete by providing services such as repairs, moving equipment, and marketing for locations. This enables small operators to vigorously compete with large companies. Remember, you are what make your company successful. We are successful because we are “owner operators with pride, individual expertise and share the common goal to deliver the added values of personalized service".
  5. We have specialists that help with the financing. We help guide you to make the right decisions. Our financial experts will help evaluate locations based on industry data and advise you what you can expect as a return on your investment. Of course, the final decisions are always yours.